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Reset your Hagen Hosting Password

Resetting your Hosting Control Panel password is now easier than ever. Simply complete the boxes below with the requested details and an you will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. Once you receive this e-mail click on the link, or copy it to your web browser, and you will be able to login and change your password.

Identify my account by my:
Enter your Data:

Having problems?

If you encounter problems completing the above form please review the following list of problems that you may be encountering...

It keeps rejecting my domain name. Why?

Your domain name is the part after the at (@) symbol in an e-mail address. DO NOT enter http://, www. or classifieds., those are only used when accessing your web site - using a URL. For example if my e-mail address was, then my domain is simply "". Your domain name is case insensitive.

I'm entering my name but it is telling me it is wrong. I know how to spell my own name. What is wrong with your computer?

Please ensure that you are entering your name as you entered it when you signed up. It is case insensitive but check to ensure you have entered the same data. For example did you enter your initials when you signed up? If so you need to enter your initials now as well. Likewise did you enter your full name when you signed up and your initial now? What about common/real name changes? E.g. Entering "Dave" in one form and "David" on the other. Please note that you will need to enter any hyphens (I.e. double-barrel surnames) or periods (after an initial, for example) that you entered when you signed up. In otherwords what you enter now must be exactly the same as what you entered when you signed up.

What if I don't remember these details?

If you don't remember this information (such as the PIN you chose whilst signing up), look for the Welcome e-mail we sent you. This confirms your username, the password we set for you, and your PIN. If you don't have this then you will need to contact our customer service team by sending an email to They will need to confirm you are the account owner to have your password reset. To confirm your identity, please include your PIN or the last four digits of the credit card used on the account.

What happens if I can't access that e-mail address?

You can enter any of the e-mail addresses you entered when you signed up. When the e-mail containing the URL is sent out, it is sent out to all of the contact e-mail addresses we have on file for you account. During the signup process you were prompted for two e-mail addresses and could enter up to three. You can enter any of these addresses to validate yourself.

To make sure, which password am I meant to be entering?

Your Hosting Control Panel login password. It also allows you to login into the Hosting Control Panel and to FTP into your acount (if your account supports FTP). This password was first sent to you in your Welcome e-mail so if you have that, and have not changed your password you'll be able to use that. The passwords for your e-mail accounts and for Frontpage are separate to your account password. They will not be the same unless you set them to be the same yourself.

Can we give you a hint as to what your password is?

No. Your password is encrypted with a one-way algorithm that cannot be decrypted. This means that we cannot, for example, display the first letter, last letter, or tell you how long the password is. The only way that the system knows that you have entered the correct password is to encrypt what you have entered and see if the encrypted version matches. (And no, its not possible to "crack" the password as they do in movies, the only way to 'guess it' is to cycle through the millions of combinations of letters and numbers and encrypt each combination to see if it matches. The hashing algorithm we use is considered "secure" because even with a giant super-computer it would take a very long time to calculate all of the combinations - this is also why using numbers and punctuation is a good idea because it adds millions of combinations to the mix, making any "brute force" attempt even harder to achieve.

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